The Liquid Propulsion Laboratory (LPL) is interested in recruiting students that are ‘A’ players. Here at LPL we describe an ‘A’ player as an individual that is eager to challenge themselves mentally, willing to volunteer a significant portion of their time, and one that is excited about designing, building, and testing liquid rocket engines. Individuals will be expected to use the knowledge gained through academia and apply it in a hands-on extracurricular setting. Candidates should be technically competent in all that they do, highly resourceful, and continually driving new and creative ideas to improve all areas of the lab. Apply Below.

Preferred Skills:

•GPA of a 3.5 or higher

•Currently pursuing a graduate degree in the field of STEM. Undergraduates are not disqualified but must be highly active, demonstrate a willingness to learn, and strive to become a solid contributor to the team. 

•Hands-on engineering experience through lab research, previous projects, or work experience

•Great communicator and works well in a team environment

If you would like to join LPL as a general engineer, you can apply on the right. We may or may not hold a brief interview in addition to the application form

 Members of the DAQ & Controls team can expect to work with concepts ranging from network-layer computer networking to electrical signal scaling/conditioning to avionics system architecture to (of course) rocketry! If you think you have the skills to lead our DAQ & Controls team click Here

If you are interested in working with LPL in Public Relations, Marketing and Media then please apply on the right. No Engineering knowledge required!

*Application will become available in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, email if interested.