LPL is currently working on a variety of projects:


Blue steel (GOX/Kerosene)

The team’s first engine, Blue Steel, has become the cornerstone of the Liquid Propulsion Lab.  Designed to be robust and reliable, this engine provides a dependable system to serve as the lab’s baseline for years to come. Each component of Blue Steel is made to be both simple and easily replaced, as we encourage new members to design their own parts and see how varying engine parameters will affect engine performance during our monthly firings.


  • Thrust – 4.2 kN

  • Burn Time – 10 seconds

  • ISP – 295 seconds

  • Chamber Temperature – 3,200 K

  • Chamber Pressure – 770 psi

  • M – 1.5 kg/s

  • O/F – 1.85


3D_Printed_Magnum_Assy_1 - Copy.png

Magnum (LOX/Isopropyl Alcohol)

Magnum is the Liquid Propulsion Lab’s first high-performance engine. Utilizing exotic materials, regenerative cooling, a pintle injector, Magnum is both lightweight and efficient enough to be worthy of flight on Kyushu Institute of Technology’s “WIRES-13” reusable sounding rocket. During nominal operation, the dual-engine system will be able to launch the 800kg vehicle to an altitude over 6km.


  • Thrust – 10 kN

  • Burn Time – 20 seconds

  • ISP – 243 seconds

  • Chamber Temperature – 2,675 K

  • Chamber Pressure – 350 psi

  • M – 4.2 kg/s

  • O/F – 1.2

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